Razer updates the Stealth Blade and Core 2 amplifier

Razer has announced the upgrade of its ultraportable Blade Stealth and the external graphics amplifier, Core 2.

The main novelty of the Stealth Blade is the inclusion of Intel’s most advanced processors for laptops. Also, the new eighth generation Coffee Lake Core comes with models such as the Core i7-8550u with four cores and eight native processing threads.

Razer updates the Stealth Blade and Core 2 amplifier

Razer Stealth Blade New Features

Although Razer practices in high-performance gaming machines, Blade Stealth is committed to the ultra-slim format, the striking looks of its predecessors and thickness and weight in the environments of 13 mm and 1.3 kg.


Razer proceeds to rely on Sharp for its displays and this time it assembles an IGZO panel of high quality and resolution, with 3200 x 1800 pixels, multi-touch, and support for 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

Otherwise, it can equip up to 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB PCIe M.2 for internal storage. It has Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 4.1, USB ports, video and audio outputs, and backlit keyboard. With Windows 10, Blade Stealth will be available from $ 1,699

Graphics amplifier

Razer has also introduced the overhaul of its external graphics amplifier, Core 2. Also, that is a device with which it can play the high level on machines like the previous Stealth Blade.


It includes a 500-watt power supply, four USB 3.0 ports, one Type-C USB port and another Gigabit Ethernet port. It has Chroma lighting system and can accommodate a large number of dedicated desktop graphics, which – as you know – has to provide the user. Core 2 is not cheap and costs $ 499, although you can get it less expensive in deals with the acquisition of Razer laptops.




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