PS5, Xbox Scarlett remains a mystery: Google Stadia outperforms Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Recently we have introduced the new Google’s beast, Stadia. Which is the cloud based gaming platform. and with this a clear message to Xbox One X and PS4 has been issued by Google Stadia. Admittedly, it seems to have overlooked the future of both platforms: Xbox Scarlett and PS5: Google has launched Stadia at the Game Developers Conference 2019.

PS5, Xbox Scarlett remains a mystery: Google Stadia outperforms Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

Does Google Stadia outruns Sony PS5 and Xbox Scarlett?

Its new video game streaming service is designed to revolutionize the industry. Discussing Stadia’s specifications, Google wanted to throw a punch on the table and have no doubt about his message: Stadia will arrive with 10.7 teraflops of the GPU, outperforming the 6 Xbox One X and 4.2 PS4 Pro. In addition to clarifying that one of his goals is to reach the 8K and surpass the native 4K of Xbox One X.

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However, we still don’t have a comparison with Xbox Scarlett and PS5, which is logical considering that we don’t know both consoles because they haven’t been introduced yet. Despite this, we already know the first specifications of Google Stadia. So now it’s Microsoft’s turn and Sony’s turn to move to the next generation of consoles. It’s true that Sony won’t be represented at E3 2019, but it’s more than likely that there will be a separate event. Microsoft is not only targeting the Los Angeles show, they are also targeting the present-day. And that’s why the xCloud project, Google Stadia’s strongest competitor, will hold its own conference this week.

Google Stadia has announced its first partners, including iD Software and Ubisoft. The conference reckoned even with the presence of DOOM Eternal, which at the moment will reach only 4K and 60 fps in Google Stadia. The same improvements as in Xbox One X.