PS4: New Spider-Man trailer focused on the story

Spider-Man is the star release of September for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which is a game starring one of the most popular superheroes among users and is sure to boost sales of this console. Sony has released a new trailer for the game; this time focused on its narrative aspect.

PS4: New Spider-Man trailer focused on the story

Spider-Man shows a new trailer focused on the story and the narrative part of the game, all the details

This Spider-Man is being developed by the people at Insomniac Games, one of the studios that take care of all kinds of features, and has already proven its worth on many occasions. The new trailer focuses on the story of the game and introduces us to Silver Sable, a mercenary of Norman Osborn to end the lives of all those who want to oppose Osborn’s re-election, including the wall climber himself. This trailer shows Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and Miles Morales together for the first time.

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Spider-Man will arrive in stores on September 7th exclusively for the PlayStation 4, of course, it will have visual enhancements for its Pro version as an improved resolution up to 4K through a technique similar to checkerboarding. Spider-Man shows a tremendous visual section, demonstrating that the people at Insomniac Games are specialists when it comes to taking full advantage of Sony hardware. We will have the opportunity to tour the entire island of Manhattan in the most fun way.

How about this Spider-Man? Would you have liked to see it on all the other platforms or is it a game you don’t find attractive? You can leave your opinion in the form of a comment.