Pioneer launches new products based on USB Type-C

Pioneer has announced the launch of a new series of products that stand out for making use of the USB Type-C interface, among them we can find a docking station, a multiport adapter and an external portable SSD system among others.

Pioneer launches new USB Type-C devices


The new Pioneer docking station will help users in the task of building a highly versatile personal workstation. This position has a simple design that makes it very intuitive to use; it only requires a USB-C port to connect all devices and significantly improve work efficiency. It supports the double screen output of Windows and allows to load the machine to enhance the effectiveness of the work much.Pioneer launches new products based on USB Type-C

The new multiport adapter is compatible with MacBooks and a variety of laptops with a USB Type-C port. It has a metal design that gives excellent durability and a lovely finish. This device has an HDMI port that supports the output of 4K videos. It can also be used to store tools, read an SD card and connect several USB expansion devices at the same time. Its compact size allows you to take it anywhere in an effortless way.

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Finally, the external SSD has a high-speed USB-C Gen2 interface with a transmission rate of up to 480 MBps. So you can move all your files without having to wait endlessly. It is resistant to vibrations and compatible with Mac and Windows to adjust to the needs of a large number of users.

Two of them are already available at