Nvidia RTX 40 would have 800W power limit

A new leak about the RTX 40 series from Nvidia is revealing the maximum power limit it would have, reaching a surprising figure of 800W. We have also learned that in laptops this maximum power limit would be 175W.

Nvidia RTX 40 “Ada” in PC would have a power limit of 800W

The Ada Lovelace architecture from Nvidia is expected to bring with it a lot of performance, but also an increase in power consumption over the current generation RTX 30.

The leaker also claims that the power limit of the AD102 GPU, which will bring Nvidia’s RTX 4090 to life, would be around 800W.

For the notebook segment, Nvidia plans to launch the AD103 chip to give life to the most powerful models for this segment. This GPU would have a power limit (TGP) of 175W. In this case, there would be no increase in TGP value over Ampere-based GA103.

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A truth. The power limits: AD102, 800W; AD103 (DT), 450W, AD103 (Mobile), 175W; AD104 (DT), 400W, AD104 (Mobile), 175W; AD106 (DT), 260W, AD106 (Mobile), 140W. But I don’t think we need to use the full power cap.

– kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi) June 18, 2022

We should keep in mind that we are talking about TGP values, which is the amount of power that manufacturing partners can apply through manual overclocking. Therefore, the nominal TDP values would be lower.

Knowing this, and that the power consumption will be higher than the RTX 30 series, manufacturing partners should provide their models with more robust cooling systems to maintain reasonable temperatures at all times, so we could see larger and thicker desktop graphics cards.

At the moment, it is unclear if Nvidia will add the PCIe 5.0 power connector or if this will be up to each manufacturer.