Nvidia MX 250 and MX 230: GPU for Notebook niche

The new MX 230 and MX 250 models replace the GeForce MX 130 and MX 150, although in reality, despite the change in nomenclature, there is no significant increase in performance. Both solutions are based on Pascal, so there are no performance enhancements that Turing would offer.

Nvidia MX 250 and MX 230: GPU for Notebook niche

The announcement may seem a bit disappointing, as we had expected Nvidia to enter Turing with this series at this point. The green giant didn’t reveal anything about the number of CUDA cores or other data specific to these chips, we only know that they work together with a GDDR5 memory and boost functionality to increase performance in certain situations.

The weird thing is that Nvidia’s performance figures compare the MX 230 and MX 250 with the Intel HD 620 with a performance boost under the MX 150, while Nvidia’s old MX 150 reported an improvement of up to four times performance over the Intel option. The new MX 250 now claims to be up to 3.5 times more powerful than the Intel HD 620, and only NVIDIA knows whether this is due to a new testing methodology or other reasons.

The GeForce MX 150 is a notebook graphics processor that already does its job well with a maximum clock frequency of 1532 MHz and about 1127 GFlops of performance with a 25W TDP. The GPU is capable of running GTA V with high graphics options at 1080p and reaches 100 fps when the resolution is lowered to 720p. The MX 250 should offer something similar, hopefully with some performance improvement. We’ll keep you up to date.


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