NVIDIA Bets on Chip Production in Vietnam as an Alternative to China,

NVIDIA Bets on Chip Production in Vietnam as an Alternative to China

Following restrictions imposed by the U.S. government, NVIDIA and other companies are unable to sell high-performance chips to certain countries, including China. Consequently, these companies are actively seeking alternatives. According to a report by Reuters, one potential solution is to form a partnership with Vietnam for chip production.

According to the news website, which claims to have obtained access to a document related to a recent meeting in the Vietnamese capital, NVIDIA is exploring the possibility of establishing semiconductor agreements with technology companies in Vietnam.

In this meeting, chaired by Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, with the presence of representatives from the government and Vietnamese companies, discussions centered on ways to strengthen the semiconductor industry in the country.

Vietnam aims to expand its role in chip production, leveraging its existing presence in the sector with an Intel factory.

NVIDIA is expected to reach an agreement with at least one of the companies that participated in this meeting, marking a new chapter in the quest for solutions amidst current trade restrictions.

NVIDIA Bets on Chip Production in Vietnam as an Alternative to China,

NVIDIA Responds to Sanctions

This alternative pursued by NVIDIA is a response to the U.S. government’s new regulations, which have already prohibited the sale of high-performance chips from American companies to countries like China and dozens of other non-allied nations.

All of this, according to North American Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, is a matter of national security. “We cannot allow China to have these chips. Period. We will deny them our cutting-edge technology,” she recently stated at a forum.

“I know there are CEOs of chip companies in this audience who got mad at me when I did that because they are losing revenue. That’s life. Protecting our national security is more important than short-term income,” she added.

At that time, Gina Raimondo also mentioned that she would prevent the launch of a probable GeForce RTX 4090D that NVIDIA was preparing with trimmed specifications to enter the Chinese market.


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