MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

An internet leak reveals MSI motherboard adaptation of Intel’s latest processors Kaby lake technology. And one of the most interesting one is gaming pro carbon MSI Z270. Let’s see what are its basic specifications and advantages over other motherboards available in the market.

1. Where RGB LEDs are added?

2. Which RAM technology is supported by this motherboard?

3. Does RAM and graphics cards ports are physically solder over the motherboard?

4. Which connectors are available on front and rear of motherboard panel?

The next generation of Gaming Pro Carbon

MSI have prepared up to 16 models of motherboards having chipsets based on H270 and Z270 series by utilizing Intel’s monster Kaby Lake processors and got the advanced technology integrated into MSI. There has been a leak over internet displaying its specifications and visual appearance causes many technologists to consider its powerful vulnerabilities. Although the whole series is best but Z170 Gaming Pro Carbon introduces major improvements in motherboard technology.

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MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

Its PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is fabricated on carbon fiber and black color is used in it. However a mystic RBG LED is introduced on rear of housing, there is a heat sink and audio jack present on motherboard.

Z270 Gaming Pro is made compatible with latest processor technologies as Sky Lake and Kaby lake processors. It offers four DDR 4 technology RAM slots supporting a clock speed of above 4000 MHz in over clocked mode. They have been soldered the whole package is covered with an additional steel armor body which greatly reduces the stress on PCB during assembly and also this has an advantage of reduced electromagnetic interference.

Its expansion card contains six connectors, three of them are utilized for PCI-Express 3.0 x1 and the other three are PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slots. There are two slots for SSD storage and one of them is supported by passive cooling system M.2 shield which prevents throttling and maintains lower temperature. There are also six conventional SATA 3 ports for interfacing with usual SATA hard drives.

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MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

On the rear panel, we are available with two USB 2.0 ports, Four USB 3.0 ports and contain USB 3.1-A, USB-C 3.1, HDMI 2.0, DVI, PS/2 port and a gigabit LAN port. Its rear panel is also equipped with six audio jacks for sound system 7.1 with audio boost. For supplying power to monster there is standard pair of 24 pin and 8 pin jacks. Standard temperature is maintained by utilizing radiators.

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon equipped with Kaby lake Processor

By viewing the two images of motherboards for comparison one can easily find the advantages between two generations of Gaming Pro motherboards. MSI have paid attention on every single aspect of motherboard and improved the total technology. With the addition of new Kaby lake processors MSI have entered into a new world of stability, smooth operation and over clocking.