MSI VR Software TriDef VR, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2 + To Enhance The Virtual Experience

MSI VR Software for enhanced virtual reality experience. MSI has released three new VR (Virtual Reality) special software to enhance the VR user experience. The three new software are “TriDef VR”, “Nahimic VR” and “Nahimic 2 +”.
MSI VR Software TriDef VR, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2 + To Enhance The Virtual Experience
MSI VR Software TriDef VR, Nahimic VR and Nahimic 2 + To Enhance The Virtual Experience

The world’s leading gaming hardware brand MSI, have already posted a variety of VR-Ready products. Such as high-end graphics VR cards for game play, VR backpack computers and so on. Now MSI released three VR-related software to enhance the VR user experience, three software are: “TriDef VR”, “Nahimic VR” and “Nahimic 2 +”.

MSI VR Software TriDef VR

TriDef VR is just a regular 2D game assembled in three-dimensional 3D game software. This game is designed to bring the ordinary PC games into the virtual reality world. Just like the PSVR theater mode, TriDefVR is compatible withHTC Vive and Oculus Rift head.

Through this application users can control the screen size and distance according to the game resolution. So via this software you can even adjust the screen curvature set for 3D depth effects. MSI ensures that the currently available 900 games are fully optimized with this software which uses DirectX 9/10/11. And one more thing to discuss, “TriDefVR” will provide services for free up to three months as free trial period.

MSI VR Software Nahimic VR

Nahimic VR is an audio solution that brings 7.1 surround sound to regular stereo headphones. And optimizes the user’s auditory experience with superb 3D audio technology. “Nahimic 2+” is a software for all gamers. So it does provides users with complete audio customization to ensure a higher level of sound quality and the most real-time sound effects.

Nahimic 2 + MSI VR Software

It is worth noting here that players will have to use at least a MSI ‘s products to enjoy the above three software services. If you have a MSI VR-Ready computer, game or VR-one backpack computer, then you fulfills the required conditions to take advantage of these MSI VR Software.

In addition, MSI also accepts the ownership of the motherboard and graphics card as the “TriDef VR” pass, but this only applies to the newer version. In other words, if you have Intel 200 or 100 series chipset, AMD AM4 slot MSI motherboard or MSI GeForce 10 series graphics card, you can use “TriDef VR”. However, if you have older MSI motherboards and 10 series cards from other brands, it does not meet the conditions. This is because MSI does not accept any AMD Radeon graphics card for MSI VR Software.



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