Minecraft with RTX | Official GeForce RTX Ray Tracing with HD Textures Unveiling Trailer

Yesterday, Nvidia announced its alliance with Microsoft to bring real-time ray tracing to Minecraft, the world’s best-selling game, which achieved a 7% increase in shares. Today, the company showed more content with RTX-enabled technology, this time accompanied by a custom texture package that completes the experience.

RTX Off, plus several scenes that show how the game looks with high-quality textures and ray tracing, making it almost look like another game.

Nvidia shows new screenshots and a Minecraft video with Ray-Tracing, plus a pack of custom textures

Here are some of these pictures. They are.jpg files with limited quality, although you can click on any image to access full quality.png on the Nvidia page.

Remember that this update will be released in 2020 and will be available exclusively for Windows 10 Edition.


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