, Microsoft Office Insider For iOS,

Microsoft Office Insider For iOS

, Microsoft Office Insider For iOS,

Microsoft Extends Office Insider Program to iOS

In 2015, Microsoft launched the Office Insider program for Windows users. Over the years, the company expanded program compatibility to include Android, Windows Mobile, and macOS in the first half of 2016. Now, as anticipated, Microsoft is extending the Office Insider program to iOS users, integrating it with iPhones and iPads.

1. What does this integration mean for iOS users?

2. What applications are now available to iPhones and iPads through Office Insider?

3. Are there any potential challenges for users of the nightly Fast Ring versions?

4. How can iOS users become Office Insiders and access new features?

With this integration, Microsoft offers early access to popular Office applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and OneNote for iPhones and iPads. The addition of these new features is expected to eliminate the difficulty of document creation on these devices.

Currently, the nightly Fast Ring versions are available only for iPhone and iPad users, and these are considered pre-release builds. It’s important to note that these nightly builds may have bugs and issues, potentially causing instability on these devices. Users are advised to use these builds with caution. Microsoft is not recommending these nightly builds for general use; they are intended for testing purposes.

If you are eager to try out Office Insider on your iOS devices, you can register for the beta testing program. However, keep in mind that the number of beta testers is limited. If you’re interested in becoming an Office Insider and want to get early access to new features, it’s advisable to register promptly. After the release of the first stable version by Microsoft, iOS users can look forward to a more seamless and enhanced experience for reading and writing on their devices.


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