Microsoft creates its own Android application launcher

Microsoft has not put the last nail in the coffin of Windows 10 Mobile but has little left. As it was leaving the platform was increasing its efforts to introduce applications and services in iOS and Android. It has now created a new application launcher called Microsoft Launcher for Android, which will allow a twist on information and personalization of phones.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher 3.0 for Android

Microsoft creates its own Android application launcher

There are several features that Microsoft especially wants to emphasize. They claim to be the most beautiful launcher based on the Fluent design, its new visual language for Microsoft and all its related applications. A– and that comes with three years of delay. Simple interface, halfway to what iOS and Android offer today.

Application launcher with new design

Custom Fountain is the point of reference for this launcher. A channel with information of all kinds chosen by the user, such as news, activities nearby, favorite people and more. The customization is important and allows you to change colors, open documents on other computers where open session, recent applications have …

Meta Augmented Reality Environment

And finally, Continue on PC, which is a feature that takes several years in macOS and now comes to Windows. It allows you to continue with the content opened in the phone in a Windows, such as editing a photo or viewing a web open on another computer. This also do other Android applications, although they do not do so natively in Windows, and comes in the autumn update of Windows 10 Creators on October 17.

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