LG released Augmented Pixels 3D camera technology , assisted robot navigation and VR tracking

On June 20, LG Electronics announced new technology based on Augmented Pixels technology. LG has developed a 3D camera module for assisting robots.

LG released Augmented Pixels 3D camera technology , assisted robot navigation and VR tracking

Augmented Pixels 3D camera Avoid Position Drifting

Augmented Pixels is a computer vision research and development company headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif. Which has primary business has the base on its proprietary SLAM technology. That provides software for autonomous navigation (obstacle avoidance, point cloud semantic identification, etc.). The SLAM technology, specifically, works with a camera and two laser radars that provide visual technology for 3D modeling. That helps to visualize objects in the unknown environment and provides positioning and tracking in an accurate way. That will avoid position drift, which is the key to intelligent machine walking movement.

Based on Augmented Pixels’ technology, LG Electronics has designed a compact 3D module consisting of a stereo camera, IR device, and sensor. All these designed to take into account both low power and superior performance. Also, it can have customizations for different hardware platforms.

This 3D module can also use for internal and external tracking of AR and VR headers (headset). Which means that the head will be able to use the camera to identify their location.

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On this cooperation, Augmented Pixels and LG both sides are confident. Previously, Augmented Pixels CEO Vitaliy Goncharuk said in a statement, “At present, Augmented Pixels has the fastest SLAM technology for monocular cameras and stereo cameras. But that is also for the market of autonomous navigation sensor integration to provide technical support.

In addition, all of our systems are independent of the hardware. And our customers need a complete solution that combines computer vision hardware and software. And our partnership with LG allows us to provide a very effective solution for the AR glasses and home robot market”.

Augmented Pixels 3D camera VR/AR And Robot Applications

“Also, we are very pleased to working with Augmented Pixels to provide our customers with the precise technology they need,” said Yun Sup Shin, chief operating officer of LG Electronics. “This solution, which integrates our camera and SLAM technology, is very cost effective”. “That technology is for those who want to incorporate computer vision in their robotic products and AR/VR systems. And our solutions are just right for their needs.”