Letrs, to manage and directly use fonts from the cloud without downloading or installing

For all designers and artists looking to diversify their resources and expand their work options, there is a new tool that will allow them to manage and use fonts directly from a cloud platform. It is Letrs, an app for Mac with which you will not have to download or install fonts at any time.

Letrs, to manage and use fonts from the cloud

Letrs, to manage and use fonts from the cloud

The goal of Letrs is that its users, especially graphic designers, and illustrators use this tool to catalog those typographies that have stored on their computers. And be able to use them directly from the cloud. Also, you can use some typographies that belong to the catalog of the platform, sorted by types. And you can share them with your colleagues.

For its part, note that the diversity of possibilities you have with Letrs will depend on the subscription plans you choose during registration. Because, for example, with the free version you can only manage the typographies that you upload to the cloud. So, you will not be able to use those fonts that are available in the application catalog or share them with your colleagues.

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To use Letrs, you will need to download and install the macOS application, compatible with High Sierra, Sierra, Capitan and Yosemite versions. From the form will indicate the steps for the registry, and then you can start to have this tool without problems.

One of the significant advantages that Letrs offers is that it has fonts for any MacOS equipment, which guarantees that users of this system can be very easy to use.

Another advantage is that it has its catalog, which will allow you to diversify your work resources and optimize your designs. You can even create work teams to share typographies. And also this is a paid service, the investment is little for what it offers. To register for the app, you can click on the following link.


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