Jonsbo presents its new liquid refrigerations AIO Angel Eye

Jonsbo has presented its new AIO Angel Eye liquid refrigerations. That is a traditional AIO system that includes new lighting in the CPU block and fans. These new AIOs come in 120mm or 240mm versions, among them being able to choose between three different lighting versions. So, giving a total of six different models.

The Standard model comes without fans with lighting. But the 501 version comes with blue LED lighting with fans with transparent fins to create the effect. Also, the 601 version is based on the popular ring-shaped RGB LEDs on its fans. All versions, however, use exactly the same block. So the CPU block equips RGB LEDs in all versions independently of the fans that it equips.


Jonsbo presents its new liquid refrigerations AIO Angel Eye


Jonsbo presents its new liquid refrigerations AIO Angel Eye

The new AIO Jonsbo Angel Eye uses a copper block with 0.15mm micro fins. And the radiator is built entirely of aluminum. Regarding the compatibility of sockets. Also, the manufacturer speaks of compatibility with all modern Intel and AMD sockets, with the exception of AMD’s huge TR4 socket that gives life to Threadripper processors.


It is never easy to start in a new field of the market unless you are Intel, Samsung or some other company with so much capital. That allows you to “go out on the adventure” – and less if you are a modest company. For this reason, Jonsbo has turned to AseTek to create its new all-in-one liquid cooling kits, named Angel Eye TW2 Series. That has the traditional design of CPU block with integrated pump and reservoir and its corresponding radiator.

For now, other information such as prices or availability is unknown.


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