iSoft Researchers create touch sensor to turn anything into a controller

An association of researchers from Purdue University has developed a sensor that could completely change the concept of controller wearables. More specifically, this is a slim touch sensor that we can apply to all types of surfaces, regardless of shape or size.

As its creators say, thanks to the complementary software it is possible to customize the operation of it to adapt it to different devices. In fact, in the video, we can see its use in products as various as televisions, game consoles, lamps, smartphones, coats, loudspeakers, etc.

iSoft controller

iSoft Researchers create touch sensor to turn anything into a controller

Undoubtedly, the strength of iSoft is that it does not need any cable or electronic accessory in the material. That is a whole point in favor. Also, considering that it is not necessary to have excellent knowledge of electronics to take advantage of its potential, iSoft could become a beautiful device for many.

MS-DOS version is now open source

Specifically, the goal of its creators is that anyone can modify their products. And objects with iSoft to become controllers. Even so, at the moment is in the development stage and pending the grant of a patent. So that we will remain attentive to the evolution of it. In the meantime, we recommend that you take a look at the video below to understand iSoft’s performance better:

Source: Purdue University.


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