Samsung presents ISOCELL Bright GD1, GM1 with 32, 48 MP image sensors for mobile devices

One of the most fundamental aspects of buying a mobile device is photographic quality. Samsung is aware of this and is trying to provide solutions that enable manufacturers to meet this demand. There are already mobile devices on the market with up to three rear-view cameras and, exceptionally, four or more. In this context, Samsung has just introduced two new image sensors.

Samsung presents ISOCELL Bright GD1, GM1 with 32, 48 MP image sensors for mobile devices

These are the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GD1, 32 Mp, and the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GM1, 48 Mp, both with pixels of 0.8 microns (μm). Samsung points out that these sensors offer greater design flexibility for integration into the mobile devices themselves, in addition to the latest ISOCELL plus pixel isolation technology, which optimizes the performance of smaller pixels, and Tetracell technology, which combines four pixels into one to improve light sensitivity.

In addition, these sensors support electronic image stabilization. On the other hand, the GD1 also has a high dynamic range function in real time, so the devices that integrate it can capture images and videos with more balanced exposure, better detail, and other benefits even at low brightness.

Samsung points out that these new sensor models will go into series production in the fourth quarter of this year, so it is likely that we will see the first models of mobile devices with some of these sensors next year.


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