IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

In WWDC 2017, we are going to explore major update of iOS 11 for Apple devices. See the most demanding features of iOS 11 in this article. With WWDC for the door, it is high time to take stock. In this article, we set our expectations for iOS 11  in a row, the major update to the iPhone and iPad.

IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

9 Forecasts for iOS 11 in a row

Apple Unveils iOS 11th at WWDC during the first keynote of 2017. These will next Monday (June 5th) place at 19:00 hours Dutch time. In the run up to the keynote leaked a number of iOS-11 functions, though the number lower than previous years. Could this mean that iOS 11 is a somewhat subdued iOS update? Time for an overview.

1. iOS 11 Dark Mode

For years high on the list of iPhone users: a dark mode for iOS. For the first time, this mode also has a practical function for Apple: it makes the OLED display of the iPhone 8 even better. Black Tone look because extra good on OLED, and are more energy efficient.

IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

Moreover, it is a nice addition for Nightshift and a godsend for anyone who uses an iPhone or iPad in the dark. The dark mode changes to lose all light-colored menu in a dark variant, with no functionality.

2. iOS 11 Siri improvements

According to rumors, Apple at WWDC 2017 also reveals a Siri-speaker, so it could hardly be otherwise than that the digital assistant getting a facelift. In the past year, Apple has invested heavily in artificial intelligence and machine learning, while competing with the advent of Google and Assistant Bixby continues to accelerate.

IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

By Siri to make smarter and more proactive, it really should be a tool that you will use for granted. A big difference with a current assistant is used by most to be a funny answer to give.

3. iOS 11 Videos and series in Apple Music

Apple wants  Apple Music attractiveness subscription by next music also offer exclusive series. That soon starts to Carpool Karaoke and Planet of the Apps, but as yet there is no space in the Music app for this. Calculation so that only Apple Music goes again on the shovel, so that may disappear and instead makes the Connect tab for a new video platform. Here then Apple has plenty of space to offer music documentaries and other exclusive series.

4. iOS 11 News app in Europe

We had almost given up hope, but Apple is still busy with the News app. The news, however, is still not available in the Netherlands, but that may change soon. Recently, the company took a new editor for Apple news, which would work on a completely new version of the service.

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IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

Most notable, however, is not who selected Apple, but the company chooses someone. Lauren Kern, formerly of The New York Times Magazine, is the first editor for Apple News. Previously the position was not in the news. Math so but that Apple News passes during the keynote.

5. Face Time-group conversations

One of the first rumors we heard about 11 iOS is the ability to Face Time with multiple people at once. Not surprising, of course, because that is a major advantage in business. Moreover, it sounds like a logical next step for Apple’s video calling service, which is actually for years is hardly updated.

6. iOS 11 Improved notifications

If there’s one thing we regularly interfere, then it notifications and messy message screen of iOS. The company from Cupertino has invested heavily in recent years in machine learning and AI, making the iPhone more than ever know what interests you. Significantly improved notifications, therefore, seem logical.

7. Full transition to 64-bit in iOS 11

Apple removes support for 32-bit apps with the arrival of iOS 10.3.3 or 11. This means firstly that thousands of iOS apps that have long no longer updated, no longer function. The advantage is that iOS will not take longer need to stick with the 32-bit structure, the speed of iOS benefit.

IOS 11 The most demanded features of Apple future OS

Moreover, almost all 32-bit apps so outdated that few people use them. We expect iOS 10.3.3 adds a setting that shows the legacy apps you have on your device. Then the knot iOS 11 cuts this fall-through and the support is stopped.

8. Mutually pay via Apple Pay in iOS 11

Apple Pay is still not available in the Netherlands, and that will not change for now. Would be working on an extension of the payment which makes us more jealous that the payment is not here yet. It could, in fact, be worked permitting payments between users to a new position. Handy if you leave with friends and share the bill at the end of the day. A nice extension for Apple Pay, which has been supplemented recently with the ability to pay online.

9. iPad enhancements in iOS 11

A concept that recently appeared, made us excited for the iPad features Apple may have in store for us. If the rumors are true and two new iPad Pros appear, chances are that extra 11 iOS tablet has some unique features. So there can be improved a lot in terms of multitasking and new ways to use the iPad in a professional manner.