Intel’s Arctic Sound GPU will have a ‘gaming’ variant and will arrive in 2020

At the moment Intel is working on an Arctic Sound GPU under the supervision of former AMD Raja Koduri, with the intention of entering the field of discrete graphics cards.

Intel Arctic Sound GPU is being developed by former AMD Raja Koduri

In the beginning, we thought that Arctic Sound would focus mainly on data centers and professional equipment, but in the last few hours, more information has emerged that tells a different story. It looks like Arctic Sound is going to have a gaming variant after all and will land during 2020.

Raja Koduri is working on the Intel Arctic Sound GPU for games and would be an MCM product

Since Intel first announced its plans to enter the discrete GPU market, the industry has been full of speculation. At the time, it was said that efforts would focus only on external applications (such as video streaming) and perhaps some data center products. Ashraf Eassa of TheMotleyFool, however, has a first to say: there will be a variant for games as well. In fact, it seems that the idea of entering the discrete graphics card market is Raja Kadouri’s primary objective from the beginning.

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Upcoming discrete Intel GPUs are codenamed Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound. Arctic Sound will be the first iteration of the Intel GPU and will be the 12th generation of Intel graphics. According to Eassa, they will be manufactured using the EMIB (Embedded Multi-Die Interconnect Bridge) to connect to the processor, similar to what we see today with the Vega MH and the Intel 8809G.

Finally, the successor to this GPU will be Jupiter Sound, which will be the 13th generation of Intel graphics beyond 2020.