Intel Xe-HPG could make official debut at ‘Odyssey’ event very soon

Intel is sending out invitations to the event where they will showcase in detail the Xe-HPG graphics architecture that powers their upcoming line of discrete graphics cards.

Intel Xe-HPG could be announced very soon at an “Odyssey” event

The American company has never set a release date for its upcoming Intel Xe-HPG-based discrete graphics cards, but it looks like that time will come soon with a special event.

Through its Twitter account, Intel Graphics shared a card where users can sign up for an upcoming event called Odyssey, which will provide details on the architecture and possibly a release date for the related graphics cards.

Intel claims that the DG2 graphics chips are now fully completed and in the sampling phase. Although no dates have been confirmed, there is speculation of a launch later this year to compete with AMD and Nvidia in the gaming segment.

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“Thank you for joining Intel on this odyssey. We are soon heading into a historic moment, the upcoming launch of Intel’s Xe-HPG microarchitecture. Some of you have received an Odyssey card and were the first to embark on this journey with Intel. Now it’s time to redeem that card, which is one of many steps we look forward to talking with you about. We have some required fields here to confirm that you have received a card from us. If you also agree to provide additional information, it will help us track and recognize your engagement.”

Intel DG2 GPUs will be released for both desktop and notebook markets. In any case, we will soon have news about the Xe-HPG architecture and the DG2 GPU that we are waiting for.