Intel Xe DG1: leaks with 768 cores and 3GB of memory

There is a piece of fresh news about the Intel Xe DG1 graphics card: it is filtered in SiSoftware’s database. Here we give you the details.

Intel is preparing its Xe graphics card line, see the latest leaks. This time it’s a leak generated by the intrusion of this GPU into SiSoftware’s database. That way, we know its frequency and also its cores. There is great uncertainty about this product line, but we will soon know what its target is.

Rumors have started to spread, not least because information about these products is becoming rare. It appears to be the Intel Xe DG1, a desktop graphics controller that will have 3 GB of memory and 768 cores. This puts it in an entry-level GPU.

After all, it’s an integrated chip that has been converted into desktop graphics, at least that’s what it looks like. It is related to Tiger Like because it is described in detail as a component of Intel’s 12th generation.

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In theory, the Intel Xe DG1 will bring Xe-LP cores, which would be different from what we see with Xe-HP or HPC. There are also rumors that the Xe DG2 could have 16 cores per EU. That would be a total of 2048 cores, which is in the middle range of graphics cards.

Intel Xe DG1: leaks with 768 cores and 3GB of memory

Xe-LP graphics have appeared earlier in SiSoftware, where they had 120 EUs enabled (968 cores). In early May, the company announced that its computer-oriented processor would be called Xe-HP.

Finally, Intel has not confirmed anything about an Intel Xe DG2, as the company is focusing on the processor market for this year 2020.