Intel Tiger Lake-U with 2.8GHz base speed seen at Futuremark

A few days ago, we told you about two Tiger Lake U processors that were designed exclusively for Mac computers. The Core i7-1068NG7 and i5-1038NG7, configured with a 28W TDP.

Intel Tiger Lake-U with 2.8 GHz base speed can be seen in Futuremark

A new Tiger Lake U-Chip was discovered by user _Rogame, with one peculiarity, its base frequency seems to be much higher than normal, namely 2.8GHz.

We know that Intel’s Ice Lake processors have rather low base frequencies of 1.0 to 1.3GHz, so a jump to a 2.8GHz base frequency seems to be considerable.

We know from a separate report that “Tiger Lake” with the Core i7-1185G7 chip could also provide turbo boost frequencies up to 4.70GHz, a similar leap from the maximum gain of 3.90GHz of the current generation i7-1065G7, and all this while maintaining a TDP of 15W. It would therefore not be unreasonable to think about a similar jump in the fundamental frequencies.

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Intel Tiger Lake-U with 2.8GHz base speed seen at Futuremark

The Futuremark database list only mentions the 2.80 GHz nominal clock and the 4 core/8 thread CPU core configuration. The CPU name string of this particular prototype “Tiger Lake U”, which confirms that it is a 15W TDP model and not a 28W part used by Apple.

The new clock frequency range would be directly coupled to the company’s 10 nm+. “Tiger Lake” combines the “Willow Cove” CPU cores with an iGPU based on the company’s ambitious new Xe graphics architecture, making its commercial debut. Tiger Lake is expected to launch in September-October 2020. We will keep you informed.