Intel is developing a new core for processors to replace X86 architecture

The x86 architecture has existed since 1978. And it is a subject of time that a new one will inevitably come to replace it. Although it is normal in the world of computers, it has a series of problems that will not be solved unless the architecture has a complete revision. There are previous rumors a few months ago that Intel is behind this goal, and now they come up with the relevant news about it by offering a new job.

Intel is developing a new core for processors to replace X86 architecture

What is next to X86 Processors?

Intel is looking for a validation engineer to join the group that is developing its new core generation. Its function would be to “create a new revolutionary microprocessor core. That will power the computing of the next decade.” That’s what he’s doing in his Hillsboro (Oregon) lab. The job offer has a listing on the Intel website. But it is a republishing of a job offer early in the year.

AMD Introduces EPYC 7000 Processors Better Than Intel

Beyond the fact that AMD is doing homework on the processor field and that is a threat to Intel’s dominance. That is because the company has greater financial stability as well as fantastic engineering laboratories to create a new processor architecture. It is something that, as I say, is necessary to improve current processors. That is particular with the intention of avoiding new chip manufacturing nodes as a source of performance improvements.

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