Intel gives up on NUC and hands it over to ASUS

Intel is giving up on NUC and handing it over to ASUS to focus on chip manufacturing. The Taiwanese brand will be in charge of producing them, marketing them and supporting the NUC 10 to 13 through ASUS NUC BU.

Intel’s mini PCs became very famous, being the only company that bet on something “extreme” with the Extreme NUC. The success has not been as expected by the company and Pat Gelsinger has made it clear that the goal is to move up the node, so they want to focus economic efforts on that line. ASUS will take care of it all.

Intel hands over to ASUS to continue with NUCs

Intel gives up on NUC and hands it over to ASUS

Divide and conquer, or so Pat Gelsinger has thought when making decisions for his product divisions. Intel has confirmed that it will support all current NUCs, but that the focus has changed completely. They have stopped investing in NUCs so that partners will be in charge.

The mini PCs of reference were the NUC, although their price was not very popular. In the end, many opted to buy something from ASUS, equip it a bit and go forward. Intel’s Extreme NUCs were expensive, so it was not an option for tight budgets.

Why? Pat Gelsinger is looking to build foundries to establish itself as #2 behind TSMC, which means competing with Samsung fiercely. So, Pat’s plan is to greatly optimize Intel’s savings and money in order to compete today, and in the future! We are talking about budgets in excess of one billion euros.

Therefore, nipping in the bud all divisions that are not your core business… is the priority. It has happened before with the Intel server systems, which stop being for sale because they were not very profitable.

There is a brutal closing of Intel product divisions, collecting some $1.5 billion from Intel. At this point, theNUCs are going to be produced, marketed and supported by ASUS NUC BU, which is a newly founded company to take over the NUC 10th to 13th generation.

The news is not only the above, but that ASUS will be able to innovate on NUC designs and products, which appears to be a full licensing agreement. At no point is there any talk of selling the NUC business, but rather Intel is ceding the operation of this business.