Intel confirms that the 9th generation is immune to meltdown and spectre on hardware

There comes the news we have been waiting for since we heard that Intel has completed the development of the ninth generation of its Intel Core processors. And that is the new generation of Intel processors will not be vulnerable to Spectre or Meltdown. It is great news that shows the company’s commitment to improving its security and preventing such scandals from happening again.

Intel ensures that its new processors are protected from spectre and meltdown by hardware

Intel confirms that the 9th generation is immune to meltdown and spectre on hardware

Spectre and Meltdown have not only caused a significant security breach in our processors, but we have also suffered a loss of performance in applying the patch that has solved this problem. As expected, although Intel has released updates to fix the problem in the already released processors, the hardware upgrade was necessary and will come with the 9th generation from Intel.

Norberto Mateos, the manager of Intel Spain has confirmed this message. It has ensured that the next generations of Intel Core and Xeon processors are not susceptible to meltdown or spectre.

Norberto said that vulnerabilities were causing problems in their processors and they acted as quickly as possible to mitigate the problem with minimal loss of performance. To minimize the problems resulting from the solution, the company has worked for hand in hand with computer manufacturers and operating system developers to quickly implement interim solutions and then implement the permanent solution.

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Intel has not stopped working on protecting its processors after the scandal.
However, until we get the new generation of processors in our hands, we cannot say that these vulnerabilities have already been fully vaccinated or other vulnerabilities have been discovered. But it is also interesting to see how a hardware upgrade affects processor performance.

Intel has not stopped improving its processors before Spectre and Meltdown, in fact, it is estimated that one of the first causes of the delay in the development of the process around 10 nm was able to launch all patches of different generations of Intel. So we cannot deny that once the error has been discovered, the company has been proactive and corresponding. The only thing left is to check the results on their new processors, which were produced using the 14 nm process.


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