Human Augmentation Includes VR and AR Studies Joint Course From Sony and University of Tokyo

Sony Corporation and the University of Tokyo announced that they will promote “human augmentation”.

Human Augmentation Includes VR and AR Studies Joint Course From Sony and University of Tokyo
Human Augmentation Includes VR and AR Studies

That is the study of human ability extension studies. The event occurs at the University of Tokyo is going to held in April 2017 for the purpose of technical nurturing and strengthening of a personnel.

Human Augmentation is the development branch of technology that expands human capabilities. According to the announcement by Sony Corporation, AR / VR is also a subject which is going to explore in university. The filed of virtual reality and augmented reality will now include for these studies.

The range of ability to expand is perceived as perceptive ability, cognitive ability, physical ability, existence of feeling, health and the things alike. And it also includes a wearable computer that recognizes person’s gaze. However so far, the training support is only available by using a drone or through an external robot. These companies are conducting research on sharing and connecting experiences with other people through wearable sensors and networks.

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The term also means that human beings, technology and AI all gets united. And become a research area with a view to build a social infrastructure that strengthens capabilities of a person mutually that is beyond time and space constraints.


The new course is going to conduct as a donation course from Sony to the University of Tokyo from April 2017.

Human Augmentation Donation Course Outline

Donation course name: Human augmentation studies (Sony donation course)

Human Augmentation (endowed chair by Sony)

Donation course opening period (planned): April 1, 2017 ~ March 31, 2020 (3 years)

The donation course lecture’s origin: Sony Corporation