Huawei still confused? Intel get approval to sell it components

It has been more than a year since the United States blacklisted Huawei on the grounds that it threatens national security. This prohibited all American companies from doing business with the Chinese giant. Now, after being affected by these harsh sanctions for a long time, Huawei seems to have seen a ray of sunshine again: Intel received permission to sell its components to Huawei.

Despite the bans that were imposed on the company, Huawei will continue to be supplied with processors: Intel recently confirmed that it has received permission to do business with the Chinese company and assured that it is on the list of approved companies. AMD has also indicated that it is free to sell its products to the Asian manufacturer.

The news comes a week after the White House introduced new supply restrictions on the Chinese company, which is one of the epicenters of the trade war between the United States and China.

AMD has also reportedly received a court order to continue selling its products to Huawei. Forrest Norrod, AMD’s vice president of integrated solutions, said the sanctions against the Chinese manufacturer did not materially affect his company’s business.

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Norrod said AMD is working to stay within the law and will be able to serve its consumers.

Other companies are also seeking approval for Huawei

According to Reuters, other companies are also seeking approval from the US government to supply components to Huawei. The South Korean manufacturer SK Hynix has reportedly placed an order to negotiate with the Chinese company but has not yet received a response.

Huawei was targeted by the White House last year because of alleged national security concerns. The company has links to the Chinese government, and the United States fears that its products could be used for espionage.

Update: This news that Intel can deliver to Huawei was later confirmed by Intel Corporation. But in this matter Huawei gave an answer, the company said Intel’s delivery license was last year’s batch, so this year’s delivery license is still subject to some limitations. Huawei’s response also made many users very disappointed, after all, Intel’s license cannot play a role at this time.