HTC will present the HTC U12+ on May 23rd

HTC is one of those brands that have been losing ground in the market over time, although they continue to launch phones. Their top-of-the-range devices have received good reviews. Something they hope will happen again with the HTC U12+. Finally, the brand has revealed the date of filing of the phone.

The company’s website for the German market was responsible for developing an image showing the date of 23 May. So this is the moment chosen by the company to present the high range.

It is a device with which the brand hopes to have better luck in the market and win over consumers. So they expect better sales. But we’ll have to see how the market responds. One of the common problems with the company’s high-end products is that their price is somewhat high. Something that sure has limited your sales in the past.

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The manufacturer announces the HTC U12+ as a masterpiece, so expectations are high. As far as specifications go, it looks like we’re going to find a real high-end. A 6-inch LCD screen, a Snapdragon 845 processor, and several versions of internal space (64, 128, and 256 GB) await us. It will also have four cameras.

But in three weeks we will know all the specific details about this HTC U12+. But it promises to be a major breakthrough for Taiwan’s high-end brand.