Google Fuchsia A Mysterious Android Rival Operating System for Smartphones

See the first pictures of new Google operating system Fuchsia. The big giant Google since its inception has been at the top of the trend of science and technology. And innovation is Google’s steady vitality. The new system will bring what kind of experience, it is worth looking forward to.

Fuchsia, Google Fuchsia A Mysterious Android Rival Operating System for Smartphones, Optocrypto
Google Fuchsia A Mysterious Android Rival Operating System for Smartphones

Recently, Google mysterious new operating system Fuchsia gradually comes into the people’s vision. As Google’s third operating system, Fuchsia is not inferior to Android and Chrome OS.

Very coincidentally, this month on the 17th Google will host a three-day I / O Conference. In addition to Android 8.0 officially unveiled, there are many people guessing that Google Fuchsia system will appear. Or it will be officially get outside in the announced meeting.

About Fuchsia

In fact, in August last year, there have been reports that Google is developing a new operating system called Fuchsia. And then on the details of this system Google did not disclose too much. So after a lapse of six months at last the system is now gradually formed. It is worth mentioning that Fuchsia is different from any operating system we now see.

In addition, it is with Android and Chrome OS also has a significant difference. Because Android and Chrome OS are based on Linux development, and Fuchsia is not based on the Linux kernel to build. It is developed by Google’s new Magenta kernel. Google said, Magenta is a mobile phone and personal computer development of the kernel. Perhaps the mission of its birth is to connect the future of mobile phones and computers.

Replace the Android system?

The problem is coming, Google Fuchsia is similar to Android. But it’s completely different, so will it replace Android and Chrome OS in the future? In addition to the serious fragmentation of the Android system. There are manufacturers that have customized many version of it. Until now Google gets a soft underbelly, that is, Google Chrome OS performance in PC market is not satisfactory.

Presumably these questions are also on the eyes of Google, the problem is to re-overtook since time and effort.

And to build a new system it is not the same. So the emergence of Fuchsia reasonable, one can be compatible with Android applications, and secondly also take into account the PC side, so instead of Android is not entirely impossible.

Mobile desktop

Comprehensive exposure information, Fuchsia OS is for the mobile phone and tablet to create a new operating system. Although Google is now the system layout of the market integrity, Android system main mobile phone and tablet field, Chrome OS specializes in PC field. But Android fragmentation is Google’s unspeakable pain, and Chrome OS is no one is willing to pay. Which is not only due to the dispersion of the two systems and a high degree of overlap caused. The most important one is in the function can not meet the two needs.

So the desktop and mobile operating system, unified is the new system of Google Fuchsia to go the way. Of course, this is only speculation, but for the current operating system, the road seems to go all the way is all about the giants are consistent with ideas. Such as Microsoft, Apple is very thoughtful about this, and Microsoft has been in the secret deployment.


Fuchsia, Google Fuchsia A Mysterious Android Rival Operating System for Smartphones, Optocrypto

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