Google presents Canvas for amazing handcrafted drawings

Google never ceases to amaze with small projects and has now proposed to launch a web application with which you can create basic sketches. It’s certainly not Photoshop for on the go, but it’s a fast way to save quick notes and ideas with handcrafted drawings.

Google presents Canvas for amazing handcrafted drawings

The user interface is quite simple, with a toolbar that contains only a few tools such as a pencil, marker and eraser. It also has a number of colors to draw, at the same time you can import images that we can intervene by drawing or deleting parts of them.

The progressive web application can be accessed via in any browser that works with web assembly. It can be installed as a shortcut on the home screen of any Android device, although Apple users cannot try it because it is not compatible with any browser due to the limited iOS options.

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If you’re in a cafe or park and had a sudden inspiration, you can create your sketch on canvas and it will be saved automatically, you can also export it in PNG format so you can share your creations in high quality.

Also, you don’t have to face the slowness of the application because it works quite quickly. After all, it’s an application for creating simple sketches, so we have few tools to play with.

Canvas has been around for some time, as it first appeared as an application in a version of Chrome OS Dev, but is now available to everyone. Although it’s not a new invention, it’s especially useful for creative people who want to access their sketches from anywhere and share them in better quality than a sketchbook photo.