Gigabyte Overclockers Manged to run Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake X up to 7.5 GHz

There is another breakthrough in processor over clocking to 7.5 GHz. This time the news comes from Gigabyte whose engineers have success to oerclock to 7.5 GHz along with Intel Core i9 Kaby Lake X family of processor. The extreme overclocking that has practically no use. And it is just a lot of showmanship in the figures. It seems that Intel and associates intend to have a lot of fun with this, in the early days of their Core X family of processors.

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7.5 GHz Core Speed Myth or Reality?

Taipei, Taiwan, June 6, 2017 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. Which is the leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards. They just continues to consolidate its position as the world’s leading hardware manufacturer. Last week, GIGABYTE hosted the X299 Overclocking Tournament that broke world records on the latest Intel ® X299 platform.

With overclocking enthusiasts from all over the world. Which was led by GIGABYTE HiCookie’s overclockers. So this team of five gathered at the GIGABYTE OC Lab. Sofos, GIGABYTE and Team AU’s veterans: Dinos22, Youngpro, and SniperOZ who Worked from Computex to create new world records of 3DMark.

In order to pass the 7.5GHz barrier, the overclockers uses liquid helium to lower the temperature to below -250 ° Celsius. Now GIGABYTE dominates the world record for 3DMark 03, 3DMark 06, and Aquamark. The world record 3DMark 06 is achieve this not only once but twice over the past week by using different configurations, making one of these results for the first time globally. Each of the 3DMark records were achieved using the latest GIGABYTE X299 AORUS motherboard, AORUS graphics cards and G.Skill memories.

A few days ago there has been a basic work done for overclocking with Intel core x family. And consequently getting  the speed of the processor up to 5.7 GHz. In order to achieve this functionality, liquid nitrogen-based cooling was used. Which led to the breaking of some benchmark records. Now the protagonist returns to be Intel with other ingredients.

Gigabyte Wins the game with 7.5 GHz Core Speed

It looks funny, these processors are still not sold. But it stands to a reason that companies like Gigabyte have access to them before anyone else. Also since they will try and mount them in configurations that will sell in the market after a few days. The processor chosen this time is Intel Core i7-7740K .Gigabyte has its own team of expert overclockers. So with HiCookie in command, we are sure to see more tests in successive releases.

If we look at the table that we share below, in which we see the whole new family of Kaby Lake X. So this is the most powerful of the two options. These naturally runs at 4.3GHz. But thanks to the TurboBoost 2.0 mode that it can lead us to 4.5 GHz. As the engineers of Gigabyte describes in their new test. They have come with TeamAU overclockers, and put it to run at 7.5 GHz.

7.5 GHz, Gigabyte Overclockers Manged to run Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake X up to 7.5 GHz, Optocrypto

The way they get the speed of 7.5 GHz is by cooling with liquid helium (-220 ° C) also along with liquid nitrogen. In addition, during this overclocking test, only two of the four cores available to this processor.

The whole test assembly for 7.5 GHz speed

The processor tests are performed on the motherboard of the Gigabyte X299-SOC Champion. In addition it works with a Corsair AX 1500i power supply, 16GB of DDR4-4333MHz RAM with Corsair Vengeance. For the graphic part they have used two Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. They uses AORUS X299 motherboard for this tweaking.

What are the benchmark results of this testing? As for 3DMark there are several records : it marks 356,678 points in 3DMark03, 71,928 points in 3DMark06 with a GTX 1080 Ti, and 71,176 points in 3DMark06 with two GTX 1080 Ti cards.

7.5 GHz, Gigabyte Overclockers Manged to run Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake X up to 7.5 GHz, Optocrypto

Also with this kinds of experiences which helps to understand limits. And to understand how far the performance of domestic solutions can be carried out with highly controlled methods of refrigeration, which we can not even try out at home. So it is matter of time when we are getting Intel Core i9 processors in the market along with the futuristic cooling methods for overclocking.

Use of 7.5 GHz Processor Overclocking

So it is obvious that the GIGABYTE X299 AORUS motherboards stand out for going beyond expectations. And this helps to break of 7.5 GHz barrier. Thanks to its commitment to overclocking, GIGABYTE continued to develop motherboards that can meet the needs of overclockers, gamers and enthusiasts. And it seems that the GIGABYTE X299 AORUS motherboards are great for pushing performance to the max. It is clear from these results that Gigabyte is doing a great job on the future platform of Intel and is that you only have to see the numbers to take accounts.

Purpose of testing and achieving 7.5 GHz?

Also it should be noted that this type of operations  of achieving 7.5 GHz is usually carried out to see the limits of the processor. In addition these usually do not use synthetic benchmarks in these cases because it is often quite complicated to pass. And it is a procedure to see the technical limits of the processor. And see how far it can go without problems. So another thing to find out the limit of the extreme overclocking for synthetic benchmark. So we know that where the frequencies are lower and what is more sought to know the maximum performance of the processor under certain conditions.

7.5 GHz, Gigabyte Overclockers Manged to run Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake X up to 7.5 GHz, Optocrypto

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