Fix Google New Sign In Page Not Working With Google Chrome Under Windows XP, Windows 7

We have a Fix Google New Sign In Page that continuously disturb you. Since Google has updated its new sign in process, many users are facing problems during the process of Google accounts. One of the main issues users are getting is the total unreliability to login Google accounts and no support from Google to Fix Google New Sign In Page problem. In this case when you enter your email ID in Google new smart login page and then you press enter. Then nothing happens other than orange bar moving clockwise and we have not Fix Google New Sign In Page.

Fix Google New Sign In Page Not Working With Google Chrome Under Windows XP, Windows 7
Fix Google New Sign In Page Not Working With Google Chrome Under Windows XP, Windows 7

That is you can easily see on the above snapshot. The next button for password is fade and you can do nothing to login to Google.

Waiting for almost one hour and the situation continues and then we started to find Fix Google New Sign In Page. Nothing happens anywhere you click or whatever you want to do.  So you have no access to Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, Webmaster or Analytics or any other Google service. This situation really sucks. Tried to enable popup for captcha, this also does not work. Updated to Google Chrome latest version. This also does not work.

Next Updated the java and java run time environment to the latest versions, this also does not help to resolve the situation. The only thing that is left to change the operating system from windows XP to an updated version like Windows 8 or Windows 10. But this step is not an easy one for every one. This is because there are numerous installations and customization that no one like to waste time on re configuration.

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Why and What they have changed in New Google Login Process

Before the Google’s new login page the process was totally clean, and very smooth. It is true that their new login process is smooth with latest equipment like windows 10 and latest version of chrome browser. This situation of Google login problem can be caused by many reasons.

It could be an obsolete operating system, google chrome older version or anything else. So it is not really easy to get a new installation of operating system. So we have a quick solution for that problem, however it is not the exact solution because once you logged in to the system then store your password in Chrome browser and mark Logged in. In this case you will be asked to login every time. And in this way you can have access to all google applications until Google has a real fix for that problem. Specially Machines running under windows XP.  So here the quick solution is to disable the java script of chrome browser.

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By following the below steps you can have any easy solution for your current difficult situation to Fix Google New Sign In Page.

In this way you will get the old Google login screen and you can easily login to all google services. Follow these steps to get your credentials accepted by Google in Google Chrome Browser.

Steps to Fix Google New Sign In Page problem

  1. So Go in Settings page of Google Chrome from the three lines above at right hand.
  2. Now Select Settings option.
  3. At the end click on Show Advanced settings.
  4. Now in the Privacy Menu click on the button Content Settings.
  5. Now Scroll Down to Java Script
  6. Select circle to Do not allow any site to run Java Script

Ok, now close your Google Chrome. Now reopen and try to sign in to Google.

Fix Google New Sign In Page Not Working With Google Chrome Under Windows XP, Windows 7

Now you will see the old Google Login Page, All you have to to is save your password to Google Chrome and select Logged in. You will see notification that you have disabled Java script so you will only see basic Gmail. The exact setting is visible in above screenshot.

Now you have logged into Google Accounts, and saved your passwords.

Next step is to revert back the changes and re enable the java script to Fix Google New Sign In Page.

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Then close down your Google Chrome. And now re open Chrome. Now what ever google service you want to avail is on your hands. and you will not need to re enter logins. Although many people use to sign out their logins for secure usage. But in the case if you can not update your machine and want to have access to Google services, it seems the only left option you can have Google login successful for Google Chrome.

Another option is the usage of other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Maxthon Cloud browser. May be there will be no issue with these browsers on any old machines running under windows XP.

 When Google will Fix Google New Sign In Page for Windows XP and Windows 7 Users

The problem of new Google login page is really persistent and what is wrong with the new Google sign in page, this is the question that Google representative may answer you better. However we have an observation that few days ago Google has finished support with old operating systems like Windows XP and Vista. So it might be because the new Google Login page is not tested under old machines. However we are waiting for a real time fix from Google in order to get rid of new Google Sign in page problems.