Find out the best terminal emulators for Windows

Terminal emulators are a highly useful tool for managing remote computers from the command line and working with different architectures and operating systems from the same text window.

terminal emulators, Find out the best terminal emulators for Windows, Optocrypto

Despite constant improvements to the Windows console and the introduction of Windows PowerShell, terminal emulators always stay one step ahead and offer more autonomy.

The list of terminal emulators is very extensive. The following is a collection of the most important ones or the most iconic for the Windows platform.


We start with a portable solution for Windows, i.e. no installation is required. You open it and it works.

Cmder is based on ConEmu and uses Clink to provide a terminal emulator full of interesting features such as alias support, git support (so you can use UNIX commands), keyboard shortcuts and improvements for Windows and Windows PowerShell console.

At the design level, cmder highlights jobs and other elements on the screen with a color code, making things much easier.

For more information about cmder, please visit the official documentation page.


It is defined as a manageable Windows terminal. ConEmu fulfills its task by offering a long list of functions and at the same time is easy to use for what were previously the terminal emulators.

ConEmu is compatible with Windows and UNIX consoles (CMD, PowerShell, Cygwin, msys….) and offers improvements over the official Windows console.

To better manage itself, ConEmu offers tabs, displays several terminals in a single window, has a color coding, allows the execution of DOS applications, etc..

Originally created for the Far Manager, you can use it independently, although it still has specific functions for this file manager.


It looks like an ordinary terminal on the outside, but on the inside, where Babun notices, it is pre-configured with Cygwin, package management via Pact, xTerm-256 support and support for HTTP(s) proxy(s)…

Added to this is the standard support for git and shell, so we can easily handle Windows and UNIX commands. It also supports plugin and script extensions.

More information about everything that Babun has to offer can be found on its official website.


Like Babun, mintty is also a terminal emulator that focuses on Cygwin, MSYS and Msys2.

Aesthetically it has support for changing the background, color themes to distinguish elements on the screen, transparency, multiscreen support…..

It also supports Xterm and PuTTY. For more information, as well as the most practical commands, see their official wiki.


Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, Terminus is a tabbed terminal emulator that displays command history.

In addition to supporting classic CMD, PowerShell and Bash, Terminus provides small, convenient and time-saving features such as dragging and dropping files and folders that automatically complete the path and keep the same direction when a new tab is added.

terminal emulators, Find out the best terminal emulators for Windows, Optocrypto

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