Facebook will remove Facebook Messenger functions by saturation

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging tool that is inside this super populated social network. However, over time it has become an independent application. That can work both inside and outside the social system. And that in fact, in mobiles it operates as a separate tool.

Facebook will remove Facebook Messenger functions by saturation

Over time, Facebook has been adding improvements to the application. However, it seems that its creators are not entirely happy with the result of what we have so far.

David Marcus, one of those responsible for Facebook’s messaging products, has recognized that Facebook Messenger is a tool saturated with functions. That has been explained in a publication on the Facebook blog, on predictions for 2018.

Consider that Facebook has gone a bit in the last two years, introducing new features in the application. “We wanted to add many options to differentiate ourselves from the others. But the application is full of features. ” That’s why they want to launch an optimization for Messenger. And some options will disappear.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, some options will disappear

So far they have not been specified. But it seems that David Marcus and his team are very clear that some functions have to withdraw. And do it in a way necessary for the application to be useful again. And stop being saturated.

For now, those responsible for the tool have declined to indicate which parts of Messenger it considers accessory. And that therefore, they could disappear.

The director of Messenger has been working on the tool for a few years. Especially since 2014, a little before the version of the independent application appeared. Since then, the app has scaled up to more than 1,300 million monthly users.

However, many users may have made a real mess with all the options it contains. For example, since 2014 we offer a payment system, customer service robots (interesting for companies), a gaming platform, ephemeral stories and even advertisements.

How do you read it? At the end of January of last year, we told you that Facebook was testing the ads in its Messenger application. And for a while now, the social network allows companies to show ads in conversations with their potential customers. As long as they have purchased the business. Or have made any query through Facebook Messenger, interested in a product.

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Messenger Lite, there is already a simplified version

Did you know that Messenger also has a unique application for all those who need a reduced version? Facebook is one of the forms that consume more data. If you take a look at the consumption statistics, you will see that this tool spends a lot. That is why there is a version called Facebook Lite, which provides a lighter service to users.

With Messenger, the same thing happened. Messenger Lite is a simplified version of the original edition. We refer, for example, to free calls via WiFi. To the stickers. To simple messaging. Or to the group chats.

It only takes 10 MB. So in addition to consuming less data, the application will help you save space on the phone. It loads fast and works efficiently. So it is a useful alternative, while the first Facebook Messenger renewal does not arrive.