Facebook will put more limits on developers to protect privacy

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is now making some changes to improve user privacy. And these changes are likely to continue, as the social network announces new measures. These are actions that affect developers. They will have restrictions on access to certain user data.

Facebook will impose more limits on developers to protect privacy

Facebook will put more limits on developers to protect privacy
These are changes that will be made to the way some APIs work. Because developers will need permissions to access some of the data in user profiles.

New changes on Facebook

In addition, Facebook has confirmed that some of the APIs will no longer work. This is a new attempt by the social network to regulate the many problems with privacy that have occurred in recent times. In addition, in most cases, it is the developers who seek to obtain this private information from the users of the social network.

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So these measures aim to reduce access to information and make it more difficult to access it. The question is whether they will really be effective or whether the developers will be against this announcement by Facebook.

What is clear is that these will not be the last changes that will come from the social network. For, as we told you at the beginning, they have been making constant changes for months. And it doesn’t feel like they’re going to stop.