Facebook Live Stream and Voice Recognition Update In Oculus For Gear VR

Recently, Oculus has made an update for the Gear VR platform by introducing Facebook live stream sharing and voice recognition.

 Facebook Live Stream and Voice Recognition Oculus Gear VR
Facebook Live Stream and Voice Recognition

 This update allows players to share the live game directly to Facebook. And they have also announced that Rift and Gear VR devices on the Oculus Home platform will support voice recognition.

Explaining what VR is not an easy thing, and now Facebook and Oculus are trying to make friends and family to share the VR experience between the family members more easily.

So Oculus platform itself has a lot of social features, including new sports applications and viewing of 360 ° video in Oculus Rooms. Recently, Oculus application for the Gear VR platform makes an update, allowing players to share the live game screen directly to Facebook .

Facebook Live Stream FOr Sharing Fun

This update is currently limited to users outside the United States. But it will be released in the next few weeks in the United States. This means that the visibility of the VR content will be more intense, people can better show their experience in virtual reality with their friends.

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This is just Facebook and Oculus latest one fusion, Facebook added its first VR application Facebook 360. Through this application, users can view Facebook social networking sites having 360-degree images and videos. According to reports, the current Facebook social networking site already has 25 million 360-degree images, and 100 million 360-degree video.

By updating these new applications, Facebook is trying to get more public to understand VR and touch VR.

Oculus’s other announcement is that the Oculus Home platform on Rift and Gear VR will support speech recognition. This is a revolutionary development. Because with the substantial increase of VR games and experience. It is extremely convenient for people to find content of their choice. VR on the screen with the keyboard is not so flexible. So the voice search is really a good thing for VR users.

This voice function is called Oculus Voice and it will also have a search function. And the future versions will support more digital tasks, such as watching a friend online in virtual reality 360 degree.

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Source: TechCrunch,87870