Facebook launches Feed Explore, an alternative home with news from unsuspecting sources

After a trial period, Facebook has officially implemented the new Feed Explorer tab, a “home alternative”. That is perfect for anyone who wants to read posts, even without their friends.

In contrast to the classic ” News ” section that starts by default on Facebook’s opening. And this is the place where you can peek through the messages posted by the people or pages you follow. Also, the Explore Feed will show you photos, articles, videos and much more published by sources not currently present in your circle.

What isĀ Feed Explore?

What you see is not randomly chosen, but of course, it will be inherent to your interests. And these belong to your network of friends you interact with regularly. That is possible thanks to an algorithm that analyzes and records everything that each of us makes on Facebook.

Facebook launches Feed Explore, an alternative home with news from unsuspecting sources

Observing its operation, we immediately think of the ” Search ” section of Instagram. That works precisely the same way and is nothing but the latest tool to provide more content. And push users to use the social network for more time.

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The feed can be accessed either through the mobile app by clicking on the top right menu identified with the 3 line symbol, and from the desktop site along the left sidebar under ” Explore .” Let us know in the comments if you have already received it and if you consider this novelty exciting and fun.


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