Facebook Container, Mozilla helps users protect themselves from Facebook

Mozilla announces a new feature for its Firefox browser, Facebook Container. It helps users manage privacy on Facebook according to their own rules.

Facebook Container, Mozilla helps users protect themselves from Facebook

Facebook Container, Mozilla helps users protect themselves from Facebook

The Cambridge Analytica case is not over yet. This massive theft of user data has sparked a heated debate. It concerns the power exercised by large companies. These platforms are so sophisticated that it has become virtually impossible for a typical user to master the complexity of the interactions they generate.

Mozilla has created a plug-in for its Firefox browser, called Facebook Container.

Facebook Container for Firefox, isolated its “Facebook identity”.
Its role is to isolate Facebook to surf with certain security.

“The web pages visited can tell a lot about Internet users. There is a strong commercial interest in linking this data to a profile on social networks, and Facebook has a system of trackers on several websites. This code tracks Internet users invisibly, and it is often impossible to determine when this data is shared.

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Facebook Container will thus isolate the “Facebook identity” of users from the rest of their activity on the web. In other words, once installed, it does not prevent you from using the social network and enjoying its services. Its role is elsewhere. It will put obstacles in the wheels of Facebook to make it challenging to analyze activities outside its pages.

Mozilla specifies”

“This add-on module provides a solution for users who want to better control how their data is used, without stopping using specific services.

While Facebook is currently in the news, it is not the only one collecting massive amounts of data. Mozilla wishes to emphasize

“Mozilla’s objective is not to isolate the practices of a particular society, but to begin by trying to resolve this situation through a well-identified problem.

To install the Facebook Container add-on, click here