Dropbox previews more file types, no need to download any files

The Dropbox team continues to add enhancements to improve the team workflow.

Dropbox previews more file types, no need to download any files

It has now announced a new feature that will improve the dynamics of sending files for review. As they say on the blog, users will be able to quickly preview certain types of files without having to download them.

For example, you can share DWG files between collaborators, and they can preview them even if they don’t have AutoCAD installed. This will save you time and a lot of clicks, as you won’t have to download it or use third-party solutions to convert and view it.

The same dynamic applies to EPUB files, so they can be viewed on any device without any application. Also to MXF, audio and video format, to ZIP. and RAR, allowing you to see its structure, as we see in the image, without having to open it on your computer:

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There are also some interesting improvements in PowerPoint and PDF file. Dropbox added a sidebar that allows you to easily scroll to a specific page in your document or presentation.

Along with all these changes in file viewing, the dynamics are also adjusted so that all contributors can work with much larger files, and leave comments as part of the feedback expected in a team effort.