How to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch , Download Links

How to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch , Download Links

After months of development, the Debian team has finally released Debian 9 Stretch as a stable version. The new version of Debian brings exciting news. However the most interesting are that it has passed into the stable branch. Leaving the office testing and can be used in production equipment.

How to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch , Download Links


A few days ago we told you how to move from Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch. However today we are going to tell you everything new that brings this new version of the most famous “mother distribution” of all time. At the platform level, Debian 9 leaves the PowerPC platform. And adds the option for the mips64el platform. At the kernel level, Debian 9 Stretch does not have the latest version of the Linus kernel but has version 4.9. That is an older version but more tested than the 4.11 kernel. However, if we are experts, we can install any version of the kernel that we want.

Debian 9 Stretch Plasma 5.8

Regarding desktops, this new version of Debian has Plasma 5.8, Xfce 4.12, Gnome 3.22, MATE 1.16 or LXQT 0.11.

As for regular programs, Debian Stretch contains version 5.2 of LibreOffice and version 2.9 of Calligra. Firefox 52 will be present in the distribution, as well as other web browsers we usually find. It is on the server side that it looks like Debian Stretch has changed more. From this release, Debian abandons Mysql to choose MariaDB, pointing all MySQL packages to MariaDB as a database. DNS and host packets have also been updated. PHP and Samba have also been updated, reaching version 7 and 4.5 respectively.

5-Years LTS Support

As with the previous release, Debian 9 Stretch is a distribution with 5-year LTS support. An impressive support for companies and small organizations that need a robust and stable operating system. If we still do not have Debian on our teams and we want to have it. In this link, you can find the installation image of Debian 9 Stretch.

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Two years after the launch of Debian 8 “Jessie”. Debian developers have finally released the new Debian 9 “Stretch” operating system. Which brings improved support for multiple architectures and hardware components, new applications and dozens of new features. And Stability and security improvements.
Here’s how to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch in a quick and easy way.

Steps to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch

How to upgrade Debian 8 Jessie to Debian 9 Stretch , Download Links

The first thing to have is the latest version of Debian (currently in version 8.8 ). After which you should open a terminal window and write the following:

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get upgrade Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After doing this, you will have to update the software repositories of the distribution. For which you would have to write the following in the terminal:

Sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Writing the above, the Nano text editor will open along with the sources.List file with the Debian repositories. In this case, you must change the text of the lines where the word “Jessie” appears. And replace it with the word “Stretch”. After this, you have to save the changes by pressing the Control + O key and then push the Control + X combination to exit.
Finally, you will have to repeat the first step, opening a terminal window and typing again the following:

Sudo apt-get update

 Sudo apt-get upgrade

 Sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

After doing this, the process of upgrading from Debian 8 to the new Debian 9 version will begin.
An alternative to this method would be the use of a Debian 9 Stretch ISO image from the web portal.

Also, there are also Debian 9 Stretch ISO images with the GNOME, KDE, Xfce, LXDE, Cinnamon and MATE desktop environments.

Download Debian 9 Stretch:

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