Datally, the Google app to save mobile data easily

The excessive consumption of data in our mobile rate is something that concerns many smartphone users. Last summer Google presented Triangle, an experimental app with which to control the use of data from specific applications. Now, the application has changed its name and is available globally.

Datally, the Google app to save mobile data easily

Datally, the Google app to save mobile data easily

Undoubtedly, one of the leading advantages of Datally. That is the name was given to the new application. And it will allow us to control the consumption of data with a single gesture. To do this, we just have to swipe the Data Saver button. And choose which apps we want to have access to our data plan. As you can see, Datally shows us the specific data consumption caused by each application. That will allow us to determine which ones we want to restrict and which ones we do not.

Explicitly, the technological giant says that we can save up to 30% of the general data consumption. That is an essential amount for all those users who have reduced data rates. In addition to the above, the application will allow us to locate the public Wi-Fi hotspots around us thanks to WI-FI FINDER. Also, it is a function that will take into account aspects such as distance and score from users. Finally, we take the opportunity to highlight the statistics section, from which we can analyze the consumption of data for periods of time.

At this point, we can not deny the potential of Datally. So, it is an application that could become the essential ally of many users of Android devices. If it has caught your attention, you can test its operation by downloading it for free from Google Play.


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