Cougar presents the Puri and Puri TKL mechanical keyboards with MX switches

The company of peripherals Cougar has presented two new mechanical keyboards not too expensive bearing in mind that they include MX switches of the German Cherry, considered the best for mechanical keyboards. The new Puri and Puri TKL is essentially the same keyboard. Also, that comes with similar features, but one extended format and the other compact.

Puri TKL

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They include white lighting and a compact design for easy transport. For this reason, these come with a magnetic plastic cover. So that the keys are safe. The USB cable is also removable. And at the bottom, it includes grooves through the center, right or left of the keyboard. Lighting has 20 preset lighting styles. The extended model includes dedicated multimedia keys, and both have Fn key as well as full anti-ghost ringtones. The feet of the keyboard has three different height positions.

Puri TKL Detailed Specifications

The keyboards are equipped with white LED backlight with the ability to set individual keys. Initially, 20 operating modes are available; another 10 modes users will be able to set at their own discretion.

Puri TKL

The Puri model is standard, and the Puri TKL version lacks a block of numeric buttons on the right. Dimensions are respectively 150 × 460 × 40 mm and 150 × 370 × 40 mm, weight – 1.4 and 1.2 kg.

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The keypads comes with a removable cable. A magnetic-shielded protective panel prevents damage to the devices during transport.

Puri TKL

The price of Puri is $ 79.90 and the Puri TKL cost is about $ 69.90.

Puri TKL Features

Keyboard: Puri de Cougar
Basic characteristics
Dimensions460 × 150 × 40 mm
Weight1400 g
Presentation dateSep 29, 2017
Type of mechanismMX red
Sampling1000 Hz
Key layoutEE. UU.
Dedicated multimedia keysyes
Detect keys individually ( n-key rollover)yes
Additional features
Long. cable1.8 m
Compatible Windowsyes


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