Cherry MX Low Profile RGB: New switches for flat keyboards

Cherry MX Low Profile RGB: New switches for flat keyboards

For the past 30 years, Cherry has built almost unchanged keyboard blocks. At CES 2018, the Auerbach-based hardware manufacturer Cherry has shown new, 35-percent flatter switches. That will be used throughout the year in keyboards by Cherry itself as well as manufacturers such as Corsair and Ducky. Unlike their predecessors, they are also suitable for notebooks.

For the past 30 years, Cherry has made a name for itself with its signature mechanical switches. So, leaving the design in the fastest-moving industry of all time for nearly a third of a century.

Cherry MX Low Profile RGB: New switches for flat keyboards
The flat Cherry switch (right) is suitable for notebook keyboards.

Now, the engineers from Auerbach want to have the favorite gamers Cherry feeling on significantly flatter switches with the name Cherry MX flatter Profile transferred. In engineering terms, this means linear shifting characteristics over the entire route and a required release force of 45 centi-Newton.

Instead of 18.5 mm, the new components are just over 12 mm high. Unlike the previous large switch opens when pressed down the round switch in contrast to the square predecessor no gap. So the flat switch is better protected against contamination.

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Cherry developed the switch with gamers. Also, it should respond evenly from the center to the edge and compare to his predecessor need similar effort. At about 1.2 mm, the switch triggers. Overall, he can press down 3.2 mm, about 1 mm less than the high switches.

Cherry MX Low Profile RGB: New switches for flat keyboards
With a switching distance of about 1 mm, the contact closes on the Cherry MX Low Profile.

The new design leaves room for an optional RGB LED, which distributes its light evenly across the entire switch via a trench. It allows 16.8 million colors. Through the driver software, these LEDs enable different illuminations.

As before, the MX Low Profile is available in different variants from red to brown to blue. The blue switch clicked when pressed down and was especially popular in the 80s. For the new switches, Cherry guarantees 50 million releases with consistent quality.

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