Chars, a simple but excellent choice for creating notes

Chars is a simple note-taking, iOS app that also has a Unicode character keyboard.

The first version of the Chars application was released in 2014, but they have now released version 2.0. They had more than 350 compilations since version 1.1 and almost 3 years of development during the night and weekend, as we are told, and the time has come to show the results of the work.

Version 2 has many free features, including multiple notes, built-in iOS search, Unicode keyboard, right-to-left language support, touch and sound response for each action, iPad support, portrait and landscape support, and more. It has an optional purchase option in the application to synchronize notes via iCloud, choose note colours, protect notes with FaceID and export text as an image.

Chars, a simple but excellent choice for creating notes

As you can see in the above screenshot, they have a good collection of features, necessary to compete with the large note apps that exist on all mobile platforms. We’re still far from being able to use our mobile phone to create long documents, but it’s always good to have an effective notebook app on hand.

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They allow the user to try all the paid features for free for a month to understand if you really need it, but if you need promotional codes, you can order them on our social networks, since chars have promised us some.