Exoplanet Kepler-1649 c discovered by NASA is very similar to Earth

ExoplanetKepler cdiscoveredbyNASAisverysimilartoEarth

The NASA orbital telescope “Kepler” has already retired after its ten-year mission, but its work is still bearing new fruit today. On Wednesday, the US space agency announced that another exoplanet very similar to Earth had been found in the old data room observatory. The discovered planet Kepler-1649c is 300 light-years away from Earth. NASA … Read more

New strain of coronavirus can destroy immune cells

New strain of coronavirus can destroy immune cells

The new strain of coronavirus causing acute pneumonia (COVID-19) can destroy immune cells of the human body, according to the South China Morning Post newspaper, following research by scientists from Shanghai and New York. (SCMP – Hong Kong). This surprising result by researchers in Shanghai and New York is in line with the conclusion reached … Read more

3D printing technologies for combating the spread of the coronavirus


The demand for medical material and equipment during the pandemic far exceeds the capacity of existing manufacturers, so that all forces of humanity are mobilized to meet the demand. Even when it comes to private owners of 3D printing systems. According to CNBC, sharing experience in this environment is crucial for the stable functioning of … Read more

Your spiritual beliefs can protect you from depression

Creencias Espirituales

Contrary to what many may think, spirituality is one of man’s most important qualities. In this context, research has shown that spiritual beliefs influence brain function and influence the way we deal with reality. Well, recent research has shown that spiritual beliefs are related to the thickness of the white matter at the brain level. … Read more

New AI Deepfakes Technology: Recycle-GAN Unsupervised Video Retargeting


Another milestone achieved in Deepfakes sciences. As this Deepfakes method will not only transform facial expressions but will also transform textures, weathers and much more. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, USA, have developed a new method for automatically transforming the content of one video into another by transferring facial expressions from a human character to … Read more

New technology allows communications via the skin vibrations

tecnologia enviar mensajes piel

New communication protocol invented that allows skin vibrations for sending an electronic message. Scientists from Purdue University in the US have developed a new communication technology that enables users to send messages in English by using vibrations in their skin. The technology was developed on the basis of a challenge proposed by Facebook, a company … Read more

Artificial intelligence recognizes speech patterns for detecting depression

inteligencia artificial depresion

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers have developed a neural network model capable of analyzing text and audio data from various clinical interviews to find patterns that indicate depression. According to a statement from MIT, these methods could be used to develop improved ways for doctors to diagnose depression and detect signs of … Read more

The new MIT lA can replace the background of any image


CSAIL, MIT’s research laboratory, used the potential of Automated Learning to develop a powerful image editing tool. Selecting objects within an image requires a tedious process and great editing skills because many elements overlap or are part of different parts. However, this tool manages to automate the process by dividing all elements into segments and … Read more