Your Guide to Solve QuickTime Errors on a Computer


QuickTime is a popular media player developed by Apple that allows users to play audio and video files, as well as view images. While QuickTime is generally reliable and easy to use, it can occasionally throw errors that may prevent the user from playing or accessing media correctly. For example, you might struggle with media … Read more

Lithium vs LiPo vs Nickel batteries What are their differences?

esquema bateria iones litio flexible

Lithium batteries have become popular in new mobile devices, laptops, and even other devices such as robots, vacuum cleaners, cordless tools, and so on. However, there are not only these batteries but also nickel batteries, which are also very popular, even if they are used for other types of devices. Lithium batteries are a type … Read more

5 best programs for photo retouching, beautifying the face


Introducing programs that allow us to perform both simple and advanced retouching of portrait photos. Thanks to the combination of the five best facial enhancement programs, we will achieve a true metamorphosis. We rarely manage to take so many pictures of people, faces or characters that their heroes are completely satisfied with them. In such … Read more

what is cloud computing and how does it work

como funciona el cloud computing e

Before explaining what is cloud computing and how does it work, it is important to know the back end story of this new technology. Today, cloud computing technology is used in a wide variety of Web services and applications, for both personal and business purposes. It’s quite possible that, without realizing it, you’re using a … Read more

IFA 2018 Berlin: 8K race for Samsung and LG. Who will win?


Concerning 8K equipment manufacturers, it is difficult to say that which one will win a certain amount of consumers because ultimately they will be involved in technological progress if they equip themselves with equipment that meets the new standard. This year’s IFA in Berlin is outstanding proof of the conspicuous landfill of 8K devices. The … Read more

Windows Live Essentials is still alive and you can install it on Windows 10

Windows Essentials Installer

Things are tough in the world of software. Featuring how difficult it is to make your program or game successful and we find ourselves in confusing situations like closing Messenger (also known as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger), a very popular messaging application that died before his time due to Microsoft’s decision … Read more

What are the differences between a proxy and a VPN?

wep wpa cordoba

VPN networks and proxies have become popular today, mainly because of the need to access web services or portals that are restricted or unavailable for our countries. So, in an attempt to overcome the boundaries, these two words have become very famous and repeated, but most users speak of VPN and proxy as synonyms when … Read more

What is Nvidia G-Sync HDR and what is it for?

g sync hdr

4K, G-Sync, and HDR technologies have revolutionized the way we play with our PCs, although users have had their eye on a thorn in their side for some time, as it has not been possible to find a monitor that combines all these technologies in a single product. What’s finally changed with G-Sync HDR and … Read more

Find out the best terminal emulators for Windows

cmder Windows CMD Terminal Emulator

Terminal emulators are a highly useful tool for managing remote computers from the command line and working with different architectures and operating systems from the same text window. Despite constant improvements to the Windows console and the introduction of Windows PowerShell, terminal emulators always stay one step ahead and offer more autonomy. The list of … Read more

How to share files between Windows computers with WiFi only

archivos wifi windows

Now share files between computers with just WiFi connectivity without internet. Sharing files on the Internet is so common for us that sometimes we keep thinking about using the best tools. We are just confining ourselves to the most common method and application. But today we bring you three programs that allow you to transfer … Read more