Xiaomi Redmi Band officially launched: fitness tracker with a battery life of 14 days

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After splitting from Xiaomi and developing as an independent brand, Redmi has a lot of technology products ranging from smartphones, IoT devices, routers, home appliances, … to serve the different needs of users. Xiaomi: Redmi Band for just under 13 euros And recently Redmi has launched the new Redmi Band Smart Wristband. This is considered … Read more

Optoma Ultra-High Definition UHD51 4K Home Cinema Projector with Full 3D

Optoma introduces the new 4K Ultra HD home cinema projector UHD51 with PureMotion intermediate image calculation and FULL 3D support. The model features a newly developed 4K precision lens and works with an RGBRGB color wheel. Optoma Ultra-High Definition UHD51 4K Home Cinema Projector with Full 3D The UHD51 features High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility, … Read more

Sense, a small sensor capable of sending alerts to the mobile

More and more intelligent devices allow us to know the information of the place where we are. Such as temperature, humidity or air quality. Even so, they are often expensive devices and not too comfortable or straightforward to use. We recently discovered Sense. That is a small intelligent sensor capable of sending alerts to the mobile. And from … Read more

Microsoft HoloLens: solutions to the main bugs and problems

Microsoft HoloLens is one of the first real augmented reality headsets. This high-end device offers an impressive experience and manages to mix the virtual reality with reality dramatically. However, some bugs and technical problems can spoil the experience. Here’s how to solve the most common concerns of HoloLens. While the general public eagerly awaits the Magic Leap One or AR glasses … Read more

TimeFlip Time tracking gadget will organize your life

TimeFlip is here to organize your life. It keeps a strict eye on you for your goals completion. TimeFlip is a gadget with many useful features. Some of us try to manage our time through calendars and organizers, but ultimately it’s hard to get regular on time. So, the matter was solved by activity trackers. Thanks to the … Read more

JBL Xtreme 2, the most powerful and rugged portable speaker of the brand

The original JBL Xtreme has been a Bluetooth speaker of remarkable success, but it had to renew. For that reason there comes this Xtreme 2: better resistance to water, greater connectivity, more robust. The JBL Xtreme 2 will be available for 300 euros from the summer of 2018. There will be three colors: black (Midnight Black), green (Forest Green) and Blue (Ocean … Read more

5 Excellent alternatives to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

The smart speaker concept had come a long way since 2014 when the first Amazon Echo arrived. Today, there are available no less than six speakers based on Amazon Alexa. Thanks to the success of Amazon, Google now also offers smart speakers with the technology of Google Assistant and is undoubtedly the other great protagonist of the … Read more

SteelSeries launches a Bluetooth version of its Arctis 3 headset

The well-known manufacturer of audio solutions for gamers SteelSeries, today announced a new version of its Arctis 3 headset. That highlights the novelty of being a Bluetooth headset. These new headphones come with the promise of offering compatibility for the new Nintendo console, Switch. In addition to apparently being compatible with PCs, Mobiles, Tablets and … Read more

Compulab Fitlet2: Modular Mini PC with Apollo Lake from $ 153

Compulab has released the universally applicable Mini-PC Fitlet in its second generation format. For the Fitlet2, the manufacturer relies on Intel Apollo Lake instead of AMD. In the compact and only 2.5 to 3.4 inches high housing there is quad-core CPU and up to 16 GB of RAM that are passively cooled. Also, the FACET … Read more