BOE is already working on OLED screens for the new Apple iPhone

BOE is one of China’s leading display manufacturers, working on display models based on organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology that will be used in future generations of the iPhone.

BOE would be the supplier of OLED displays for the iPhone of the future.
BOE is already working on OLED screens for the new Apple iPhone

BOE is a company based in Sichuan Province, the world’s largest manufacturer of large liquid crystal displays. BOE currently supplies LCD screens to Apple for its iPad and MacBook ranges, so it’s no wonder that the big customers chose BOE to bring their new iPhone screens to life. Today, Apple uses Samsung’s OLED technology with its flagship iPhone X terminal, which costs more than $1,000.

The use of OLED panels of Chinese origin could reduce costs for Apple, an important measure to use this technology in all new iPhone models and not only in the top class. Samsung and LG are the undisputed market leaders in OLED technology, although Chinese manufacturers have installed the batteries and are able to offer panels of excellent quality.

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BOE wants to start mass production of its OLED displays by 2020 to challenge competing companies in South Korea and Japan, which currently have a monopoly on this popular display technology. This would also open the door for us to see cheaper Android terminals with these OLED-based displays.

OLED panels are characterized by increased energy efficiency and are able to deliver true black levels by switching off their individual pixels.