Bluetooth 5: An ideal choice for iot developers

Bluetooth 5 has been announced by with great improvements in features and operating parameters without increasing power consumption. With improved technology Bluetooth 5 can transmit and receive data from and to peripheral devices much faster than its previous version. Let’s reveal technology upgrades and new algorithms and RF communications of Bluetooth 5 standard.

 Bluetooth 5: An ideal choice for iot developers

1. What are the technological differences between Bluetooth 5 and its predecessor?

2. What are targeted improvements for which new standard is invented?

3. What are safety guidelines for new Bluetooth standard 5?

New Bluetooth 5 standard technology has presentation on the world conference held in June of this year. In which it has been announced that new technology will be launched with emerging technological boom of IoT (Internet of Things), which are greatly acquired by new gadgets and embedded solutions. Because of new technology improvements it will be lot easier to communicate between IoT and its peripherals especially after IoT embedded solutions for robotics. Bluetooth 5 devices are going to launch in few days and world is going to take its marvelous advantages.

 Bluetooth 5: An ideal choice for iot developers

Basically there are many core changes between Bluetooth 5 and its predecessor, however covering the top most, its range that is now increases up to 4 times than before. Now Bluetooth 5 devices can communicate seamless up to a distance of 450 meters. But the best communication results are up to 140 meters. 2nd major upgrade is bandwidth, which is up to 50 Mb per sec in classic normal mode, and up to 2 Mb per sec in power saving mode, that made it high speed communicator for embedded solutions.

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Bluetooth 5 Detailed Specifications

By sending and receiving large data packet size, and it’s 8 times faster as before. Another great milestone is its more better stability and coexistence in public networks utilizing different network standards. With all its advances in technology Bluetooth 5 is fully compliance with US federal regulations and standards. With 2X speed, 4X range and 8X data rate with the same low power consumption. As its previous version Bluetooth 5 is going to be priority choice for programmers and hardware engineers for upcoming technological innovations. It’s a great achievement for IoT developers to embed and utilize same new Bluetooth core. While staying on same power consumption with increased speed, bandwidth and connection stability. By utilizing more advanced and smooth hardware and core algorithms.

 Bluetooth 5: An ideal choice for iot developers

New Bluetooth technology advancements are more better as compared to other technological advances. As it comes in time with major breakouts. But with the advances of IoT with Wi-Fi it seems to get less attention of deveoplers to use this communication protocol. Because Bluetooth still uses old communication protocols it will surely lag its existing in IoT world. Up to now one in three devices have Bluetooth communication protocol which is a great market acquisition. But Wi-Fi is still a more powerful and comparable communication protocol. Bluetooth 5 is going to take market in first half of upcoming year 2017.

Source: Press media.