BIOSTAR Announces A68N-2100K: AMD E1-6010 and DDR3 on Mini-ITX

The manufacturer BIOSTAR has announced its new motherboard, the A68N-2100K. It comes with an AMD E1-6010 chip and Radeon R2 graphics.

BIOSTAR is not as well known as other motherboard brands, but because its goal is different. In this case, we bring the A68N-2100K, a mini-ITX motherboard introduced by the brand, which will be installed with the AMD E1-6010 chip. It seems outdated, but nothing is further from the truth: it may be a more interesting option than you can imagine.

BIOSTAR A68N-2100K, perfect for the living room

If you are looking for a platform on which to mount a small and modest PC, you should be wary of this motherboard. This is the A68N-2100K, which is equipped with an AMD E1-6010 chip, a 2-core 2-wire notebook processor. We’d have 1.35 GHz power, but we don’t need much more than that for the use we’re going to give it. The chipset on the board is “Beema”.


Its form factor is Mini-ITX (17 cm x 17 cm) and we will integrate AMD Radeon R2 graphics. In terms of memory, it has 2 slots and supports single-channel DDR3 and DDR3L 800/1066/1333, with a maximum total memory of 16 GB, so we can fit 8 GB in each slot. Once the slots are completed, we will have a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot. As for storage, we have 2 SATA III interfaces at 6Gbps that support AHCI.

BIOSTAR Announces A68N-2100K: AMD E1-6010 and DDR3 on Mini-ITX

To get to the connections, we have the following options:

2 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 in the back.
6 x USB 2.0: 2 backs, but the board supports up to 4.
1 x PS/2 mouse.
1 x PS/2 keyboard.
1 x VGA.
1 x RJ45.
1 x HDMI.
3 x audio jack.

As for the operating system, it supports Windows 7 and Windows 10. Finally, with the purchase of this card, you will receive the following accessories:

2 x SATA cable.
1 x back plate for connectors.
1 x DVD with drivers.
1 x manual.
In principle, it is a very economical option because we can use it as a multimedia center. BIOSTAR’s goal with this A68N-2100K is to target this SoC motherboard to casual users such as students who are looking for the most economical option.

With this card we can do without heat sinks and processors since everything is installed: we only need DDR3 RAM and hard disks. Not to mention the form factor, which allows the user to save a lot of space without the need for large desktops.

So far, we don’t know the price or the release date. But don’t expect it to come at a high price. For more information, we will leave you the official site.